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Selection of raw materials for die casting

Release time:2023-05-31 Number of views:55

The rapid development of die casting industry is already a major type of processing in modern heavy industry, so Chinese die casting processing enterprises are very strict control, including product processing technology and product standards.

The selection of raw materials for medium pressure castings in processing has a direct relationship with the quality of die casting. In processing, we know that die casting mold processing can not avoid bearing impact force, vibration, friction and other external forces. Then at this time there is the use of these raw materials. Their existence can ensure that they can withstand these external forces without being damaged. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality die casting mold processing materials.


For the selection of raw materials, the requirements are mainly about punching die material, tensile die material, cold extrusion die material, these three aspects of material selection matters. Next, Xiaobian will take you to see.

1. For blanking die material, the blanking die with relatively thin plate is generally selected. Since the material is relatively thin, we should pay attention to its wear resistance and hardness;

2, for the selection of tensile die material is different from punching die material, the selection of this raw material should pay attention to the non-adhesion and non-adsorption properties, but also pay attention to its wear resistance and strength characteristics;

3, the last is the choice of cold extrusion raw materials, in the selection of its, we focus on the hardness of raw materials and heat resistance.

High-quality processing raw materials can produce high-quality die casting products, so we must pay attention to the above selection principles when selecting processing raw materials, to ensure the high quality of products.

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