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What are the differences between automatic lathes

Release time:2023-05-31 Number of views:55

Before the appearance of CNC lathes, there are a variety of automatic lathes used in industrial production, CNC lathes are digital control technology for lathes products. Therefore, it should be said that CNC lathes are one of the automatic lathes. The difference between CNC lathes and non-CNC automatic lathes is whether the application of digital control technology to control the machining process of lathes.


Traditional automatic lathes use mechanical devices to achieve continuous changes in the simulation of the amount of program control (such as time distribution shaft, shaping tool, CAM, mold, etc.) with reliable work, fast speed, high repeat accuracy, the disadvantage is that the transformation of processing varieties need to be replaced, adjust the tooling time is relatively long, adapt to the workpiece in batch, mass production.

Automatic lathe now refers to the general CAM type automatic lathe, it is completely by the CAM to control the processing process. CNC car now mostly refers to a lathe programmed with a computer.

Is the difference between the two machine tools:

1, in automatic control: one is the CAM control process, one is the computer program control process.

2, in the structure: automatic lathe slider (drag) no transmission screw, is driven by the spring and CAM to work. Clamping workpiece is with a spring chuck; CNC lathes and ordinary lathes of the basic similar, is driven by the stepper motor to move forward or backward, clamping material is mostly with three jaw chuck.

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