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What are the common problems of lathe parts?

Release time:2023-05-31 Number of views:55

Details of common problems and causes of lathe parts processing are as follows:


1. Burr: In the process of stamping or dressing, there is no residual material, and burr will be produced under the section of the steel plate. The cross section serves as a reference. Burr occurs when the height of the burr is more than 0.2mm. Iron powder will damage the mold and create bumps.

2. Concave and concave: the surface of the material is abnormal convex or concave, which is caused by the incorporation of foreign bodies (iron filings, dust).

3. Roller printing: Cleaning roll or paper feed roll is caused by foreign matter attachment (occurring at a fixed distance). Usually, you can remove foreign objects printed on paper.

4. Slide printing: occurs when the roller slides and suddenly stops or accelerates.

5. The crushing of the coil may wrinkle at the edge: the guide roller of the uncoiling line may be caused by the creasing of the gap between the guide rollers on the mold due to the unwinding of the mold feed port.

6. Scratches: The main cause of scratches on parts. Sharp scratches on the mold or metal dust falling into the mold. Preventative measures are to repair scratches on the mold and remove metal dust.

7. Bottom cracking: The main reason for the cracking at the bottom of the part is that the material is poor in plasticizing or pressing in the mold compaction ring is too tight. Preventative measures are to replace the plastic or loosen the press anklet.

8. Side walls with wrinkles: the main reason for the side walls of the part for wrinkles is that the thickness of the material is not enough (less than the minimum allowable thickness), or when the upper and lower materials appear eccentric installation of the lower mold, resulting in a large gap on the side. The gap is small and the precaution is to change the material and readjust the mold.

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